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Rules and Info

How to Join:
:bulletgreen: Click "Join our Group" at the top of this page.

Gallery Submission Rules:
:bulletred: Work for submission to our gallery can be in any medium, digital, photography or traditional, but it must be herp related. ie: snakes, frogs, turtles, lizards, salamanders, caecilians, tortoises, tuataras, and crocodilians.
:bulletred: No herp anthros, no disrespectful pics of dead herps, no mythological herps, and no long extinct herps. This means no dinosaurs.
:bulletred: To submit, click on "Gallery" at the top of this page, then click "Submit to this Gallery." You can choose which folder you want to submit to, or let us do it for you! Need a visual tutorial?
:bulletred: You may submit no more than three deviations a day for review. Keep in mind that just because you send us a deviation and are a member, it does not mean we will add it to the gallery.
:bulletred: We will decline deviations that are not up to a basic artistic standard, as many clubs have galleries full of junk due to members using club submissions as free advertising. Make sure your photos and drawings have good composition, good focus, good exposure and a compelling subject.
We do not accept snapshots taken through dirty glass, or any similarly non-artistic work.
The presence of a watermark that obscures the main focus of the work will also result in rejection.

Original Founder
:iconladyblacksword: ( New ID is DreamingDragonDesign )

Herp Care Advice and Q&A
Herp Identification
Do you need species identification help? Look no further! Post your picture of your mystery herp here, and we will put it in the journal. Hopefully, a member of the group will be able to help you determine what exactly your herp is!

If you have a herp to identify, post a link to the deviation in this journal, along with any information you might have (female/male, juvenile, eating habits, seasonal, etc).

If you want to identify a herp posted in this journal, post a new comment in this journal (this way, the admin get notified).

Identify Me!
  1. Tigzard by FeralSeraph by FeralSeraph
    artist comments: This little guy, we found him in Temecula, CA
    I'm guessing it's a juvenile, based on size, but I'm not entirely sure what kind of lizard it is.
    guesses: side-blotched lizard, blue belly lizard
  2. Boy, I think I ate too much by Mouselemur by Mouselemur
    artist comments: My guess is, this is some kind of Salamandridae, but have no idea to what subfamily or genus he belongs. I just thought he was funny :D Ouwehands, the Netherlands
  3. .:The Prince:. by Manon-Blutsanguen by Manon-Blutsanguen
    artist comments: if someone can please tell me what species this is, so i can put on the description, i would be very thankful.
    guesses: Hyla cinerea, Litoria nudidigitus
  4. Generations. by DiNoDrAwEr by DiNoDrAwEr
    guesses: map turtle, red eared slider
  5. scale-licious by XSini by XSini
    guesses: basilisk lizard, monitor, uromastyx genus
  6. Orangina by Blind-Sparrow by Blind-Sparrow
    artist comments: I saw this guy in South of Thailand (Krabi) too near a bog which was also near a pool and the beach and right after this he quickly jumped into a bush. He wasn't to small, a little bit bigger than your palm.
    guesses: tomato frog
  7. by PredatorGrace
    artist comments: I know this is a corn snake but I don't know what kinda corn snake he is.
    guesses: reverse okeetee, butter, creamsicle
  8. description and :thumb211856234: by HallowpointPaws
    artist comments: There's a snake hanging around my yard and I think it's eating up the geckos. My mom and I saw two of them mating or fighting. I even pulled up some sheaded skin and am going to give it to the reptile obsessed neighbor boy. I want to relocate the snake someplace else so it isn't tempted to eat any more lizards or bite the dogs but I'm afraid to because I don't know if it is venomus or not. I think it might be a Texas Patchnose snake but I'm not sure.
    guesses: Texas Patchnose, garter snake
  9. Go away, I'm trying to hide by JS2010 JS2010
    artist comments: The frog pictures is taken in the rain forest along the Kinabatangan river, Sabah, Borneo.
    guesses: Theloderma genus (leprosum?)
  10. Unknown Caecilian by wyrmaster by wyrmaster
    artist comments: Caecilian. Found in central Costa Rica, dark purple and about 18 inches long.
    guesses: Typhlonectles natans, Dermophis something, Blanus strauchi
  11. turtle 2 by theonlysong turtle by theonlysong turtle 3 by theonlysong by theonlysong
    artist comments: i THINK this is a spotted turtle at least i did when i first found it... but now looking it up again i'm not really sure... so HELP PLEASE!
    guesses: box turtle, Clemmys guttata
  12.… comment by Synaesthetik
    Puget Sound Blues: I am almost sure that all of my snakes that were of these colors: cerulean blue, bright blue, powder blue, aqua, lime green, grass green, and mint green were of that species. The mint one was actually a very cool snake, I wish I could remember its name....

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dogatemymanuscript Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Anyone else having problems submitting work? I have to keep resubmitting them for review because the requests keep expiring. If the group has kinda died out then I'm going to join a different reptile group.
meihua Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015
Sorry, the admin have all been away from dA for a long time. We understand if you went to find another herp group. Thanks for your contributions to this group :hug:
LiHy Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Greetings! I was just wondering, (hopefully I'm not being a pest by asking about this) if a submission of mine expires, is that equivalent to having it declined? If not, may I re-submit the expired piece?

Thank you so much for your time.
meihua Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015
Sorry, your submission expired because there were no active admin :( It's not a reflection of your work! Please feel free to resubmit.
dogatemymanuscript Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
It means none of the admins have looked at your submission. You can resubmit it as often as you'd like. If a deviation is declined you can see in your correspondence messages that it was declined and the admin can give a reason. I've been trying to upload for weeks and everything keeps expiring. The group needs more admins and/or the daily submission limit needs decreased so someone can actually get to all the submissions. I think this group has kinda dies.
dogatemymanuscript Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hoping I can finally get my first snake as long as my budget checks out after some calculations. I'm thinking a corn snake as I have an appropriate sized cage on hand. I want one that looks unique, something you don't see every day. However, at the same time I do have a limited amount I can spend on such an animal (for the cost of the animal itself not including supplies). So I was wondering what morphs everyone may suggest. What corn snake morphs would you like to see more photos of as I'll take plenty for this group?

I originally wanted a strawberry anery but the breeder specializing in the real nice colored ones hasn't produced any lately and they are an expensive morph. I found an ultramel banded female I like from a breeder for $57. Though I also have a new found appreciation for the ultramel anery morph. as they tend to take on a pinkish cast, so they are similar to the strawberry anery I wanted only darker. Find a lot of normal, reverse/albino, and snow corns on a general DA search so I want to stay away from those morphs.
MountainLygon Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I hope you accept comics, which are usually drawn in a more light-hearted style.  I have a character who has been featuring in a few of my editorial cartoons as of late.  You can read a bit more about him here.  His comics are featured in my main gallery, in the comics sub-folder.
0utolintu Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Can i join in?
TheAngryFishbed Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hallo not meaning to bug but is your Herp art Folder full? Because it wont let me submit to that folder, I am not the type to just add stuff to the featured folder since I think that's for the very best work.
meihua Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015
Please submit to the taxonomic category (e.g. snakes or frogs), and if it is art, we will copy it to the Herp Art folder after it is accepted.
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